Phone battery


Let’s face it: everyone who has ever owned a smartphone has had it die on them right in the middle of something important. Either that, or it dies pretty much every day around lunchtime when you could’ve sworn it had at least 30% left. Yeah, an unreliable or too-short battery life can be scaring, and you’re not alone. A recent survey conducted by LG found a whopping 9 out of 10 users experienced some form of anxiety when their phone was running low. 

It’s no surprise then that from this almost universal experience have sprung heaps of hot tips and tricks that promise to be the secret to increasing battery life, lifelong happiness and eternal youth. Sadly, most of these just aren’t true. 

Here are 5 common battery saving myths: busted.


Myth #1: Letting your phone run flat before charging increases its battery life

FACTIt’s actually better to charge your lithium-ion battery before it dies completely. 


The modern smartphone’s lithium-ion battery is smarter when counting charge cycles compared to older nickel type batteries, which would often “forget” their full capacity if you didn’t drain them before recharging. Still, battery capacity diminishes with every charge cycle, but the effect is way too small to warrant this habit. 

Myth #2: Leaving your phone plugged in overnight shortens battery life

FACT: Your phone is smart enough to stop charging when the battery is fully charged.


Even if you’re using your phone while it’s plugged in, it only begins charging again once it has dropped below a certain point. In the end, your phone is only being charged when necessary.

Myth #3: Never use your phone while it’s charging

FACT: There’s no danger in using your device while it’s charging. 


Although it might take longer to get a full charge, it’s not harmful to you or your phone.

Myth #4: Closing apps will save battery power

FACT: Closing apps or using an app-killer doesn’t help, and might make things worse. 


The truth is, killing off apps you aren’t using and relaunching them again chews up more battery than you think you’re saving by having them run in the background. Also, the biggest consumer of battery power is your phone’s display, and the screen time spent closing apps really takes a toll. 

Myth #5: Only use the official brand charger of your phone

FACT: It’s okay to use any charger of good quality to charge your device.
Of course manufacturers want you to purchase their accessories, and branded ones may be better in terms of holding up their marketed charging speeds, but any reputable charger will do you just fine.
In reality, most of these battery myths are lingering practices from long-outdated battery technology (that could now do your device more harm than good). So, smartphones just might be smarter than you give them credit for and you can rest assured that these habits barely affect the longevity of your charge- if at all.
If you’re experiencing crippling battery issues (i.e. if you feel your battery is losing charge too quickly or your device is dying unexpectedly) or simply if you have any questions, visit an expert technician at your nearest Technology Traders today! 


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