Let’s just admit the fact that we can’t live without Technology even if we love it or hate it. No matter how much we try to take care of our hardware, some accident will happen. And if it’s a liquid, surely it will seep into the places you can’t even imagine. If acted quickly, the device can be saved quickly otherwise it’s a long hassle.


Water alone can’t damage the device, but highly corrosive liquids like beer, coffee or juice might damage the electronics leaving behind a stubborn sticky remnant that must be cleaned immediately. It can get worse if the liquid meets an electrical current and creates a short circuit. And trust me the short circuit means death to the device and if not cleaned or repair immediately it can further damage the device. The first thing to do in this situation is, to switch off everything and disconnect all the power sources – if the battery is removable, remove it as well. (If it is an Apple product, it is difficult because it needs a special 5-pointer screw). Unplug any cables, flash drives, etc. Wipe the device with an absorbent towel or tissue, and then allow the device to dry out completely. And don’t try to turn it on for at least 3-4 days. If you’re scared or not sure how to wipe the device, immediately bring it to your nearby Technology Traders store.


The Laptop drop can cause different problems which may not be obvious right away but can include a cracked screen, logic or circuit board failure, battery damage, hard drive failure, charger port failure & so much more.  A broken screen can be fixed but other problems may take a while to get fixed. If the laptop is still running after the fall, immediately backup your data in case the damage isn’t apparent but might cause problems later. Carefully power on your device and if it makes clicking sound/spinning sound after plugging on, then it’s a hardware issue. Immediately turn off the device and bring it to your nearby Technology Traders shop because a damaged hard drive can fail the device completely.



Water Damage Repair is not a common or easy repair that can be done at the home. Even the experts find it difficult to do it, so it is advisable to hand it over to professionals. But if you’re building your own PCs for over a decade, then it is fine but if you’re a novice you got thrilled just by watching some YouTube videos then don’t try it, because the device can get even worse. Let’s see the dangers of DIY Repair:

  • If the device is not fixed properly it may lead to loosen screws, adhesives and can damage minute circuit parts.
  • DIY Repairs are expensive.
  • You may lose data.
  • Hardware can get damaged.
  • RAM, Motherboard & Keyboard failure.
  • The Battery may stop working.

So, those were the problems of having water damaged laptop or computer. Water Damage is not easily repairable and thus need professional service. So please bring your device directly to your nearby Technology Traders shop.