Tips of buying a new smartphones




1. If Possible, Meet Face to Face

When buying a used phone, we strongly advise against buying it online and insist on an in-person meeting.
Take it from us (we do this for a living): you don’t want to buy a used smartphone on the internet and have it sent to you, without checking it out first. Whatever images your see, even if the other person is willing to do a video call, they are no guarantee of what you are going to receive in the mail.
Technology Traders stores can be located here and are staffed by expert technicians for your piece of mind.

2. Bring These Items with You

At the meeting (or when you get the phone in the mail), you need to bring a few things with you:

• Your own charging cable (if you don’t have a compatible one, borrow from a friend)
• A laptop
• Your SIM card or a friend’s, which can fit into the phone. Read up what type of SIM the used phone needs so you aren’t stuck with a microSIM card when the phone uses a nanoSIM.
• Headphones
• A microSD card (if the phone has a slot for it)

3. Inspecting A Used Smartphone

Once you have the phone in your hand, you should run a minimum of 5 checks:


i. Note The Phones Overall Condition.

The phone’s screen should be your primary concern when you’re examining a used phone. Any chips or cracks are an immediate deal breaker, as replacing a screen is costly ($70 and up) and can indicate other problems with the device. And check for scratches on the camera lens for the same reason.
Watch for damage to the body, like dents and scratches, it indicates a device has been dropped repeatedly. That could start to cause separation in the body of the phone or damage to the internal components.
The 9News has recently featured Technology Traders regarding buying used phones.
You can check the video on our YouTube channel.
If the phone you are purchasing is a model where the battery can’t be removed and you want to check for water damage, the water damage indicator is usually placed in the SIM card slot. But every model is different so you are best off to Google it.
 ii. Check Everything That Opens and Closes.
Any flap, cover, port that can be opened needs to be tested, so open it and check that it that it works as intended. 

iii. Check all the ports.

Check that your head phones work.
Connect the charger cable you got to your laptop and see if it’s charging by that port. If it charges by laptop, it’s going to charge by wall socket. Also run these checks with other accessories too. 

iv. Insert your SIM card.

Make a call, send a text, and Google something. It’s the easiest way to check that these things work. This check will also tell you if the phone is locked to a carrier that your SIM isn’t from. Simples! 

v. Run the service code test.

If you want to test the phone to make sure every sensor, camera and every colour is working correctly, you can. Each smartphone has a service code that you can use to access a special menu to check whether different parts of the phone are running. Google it to find the one for your device.

4. Check For a Warranty

Since this is a used phone, you should be looking for a warranty and the longer the better for hassle free usage.
Ideally you want a warranty that you do not have to pay extra for. Trusted used phone retailers like Technology Traders (who offer an industry leading 6 months warranty on used phones) will offer a warranty on both parts and labour.

Most often if your device needs to be assessed under warranty the device will need to be returned to the phone retailer you bought it from. Ensure you are aware what the process for a warranty claim is and how long it will take to resolve. Being without a device for 30-45 days while the refund or replacement is arranged can make life very difficult.

Remember if all this seems to be a bit more willing than your willing to do, we at Technology Traders have done all this for you.
Each pre-owned device we sell has passed a rigorous 20 point check-list to ensure our quality guarantee. They are all unlocked, so our pre-loved mobile devices aren’t restricted to any one service provider, and so neither are you. Best of all, our pre-loved phone come with an industry leading 6 months warranty on both labour and parts, so if the part should stop functioning properly, we will repair it again at no additional cost for you (excludes user abuse and user damage).

And we offer ZIPMONEY as a better way to pay. Buy now and pay later with no deposit, no interest and low monthly repayments. Check out our range of pre-loved devices here.


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