Smartphone Repairs

Common Smartphone Repairs: What to expect?

Owning a smartphone comes with a whole suite of new experiences, and one of those is the how much it stings when it’s broken. Whether you knocked your phone off the countertop, left it on the roof of your car, or went swimming with it in your pocket- unless it’s made out of one of those crazy indestructible metals from the comic books- it’s going to need a repair. Even if you’re lucky enough to still have a phone in tip-top condition, it’s always helpful to know what to expect. Here are the most common smartphone repair issues you might stumble across: 

Screen repairs

Ah, screen repairs- the bread and butter of the smartphone repair industry, if you will. Screen repairs are the most common fix, and it’s not hard to see why. After all if you take away all the cool tech or even just remove the battery, a smartphone is really just a tiny bad mirror we constantly pick up, put down, and swipe at. A cracked screen is practically inevitable, not to mention an eyesore and potential finger-sore (if you happen to cut yourself on the shattered glass). Luckily screen repairs are one of the most simple and inexpensive, often involving a simple screen replacement. Once fixed, future damage to the screen can be avoided by protecting your phone with a suitable case and screen protector (preferably tempered glass). 


Home button repairs

Another common issue you might run into during your time as a humble smartphone owner is a broken home button. This problem is just as unsurprising. In the words of Technology Traders technician John Benham, “The parts a user touches are always the most likely to fail!” A sticky or completely unresponsive home button can often render multiple functions useless, making opening or closing apps and simple navigation nightmarish at best. Fortunately, the fix for a problematic home button is often simple and usually involves a button clean or replacement. It’s also worth keeping in mind that replacing a faulty home button might affect fingerprint-scanning for smartphones with that feature like iPhone’s Touch iD. 


Charging port repairs

Smartphone charging ports are also a part often in need of repair. They’re in constant use and if you’re not meticulous about plugging and unplugging your cable gently, it can be hard to avoid charging port damage. Charging port damage can’t always be simple to fix, but unlike a sticky home button or barely-broken screen, you can’t just power through it. Your phone will eventually lose charge, so it’s essential to seek out a repair quicksmart!

Battery failure

Battery repairs are yet another common repair made by Technology Traders technicians. It can be frustrating when your smartphone has a battery that charges too slowly, loses charge too quickly or unexpectedly dies. All of these symptoms scream loud and clear that your battery itself probably needs replacing, which can be done quickly and painlessly by a trained technician.

Water damage

Whether you spilt a drink on your phone or accidentally dropped it in the toilet, water damage is sure to trigger chaos, but for goodness’ sake DO NOT try to turn it on. If you do, you might damage your phone’s motherboard beyond repair. The best course of action is to throw it in a snaplock bag full of rice and take it to a qualified technician at Technology Traders ASAP to see if it’s salvageable. 
Just as breaking your smartphone is part of the experience, so is getting it fixed. There’s no doubt your device is important to you, so to keep it in the best possible condition it’s smartest to have it taken care of by qualified and experienced technicians. If you experience any of these common smartphone breaks, you can find help at your nearest Technology Traders.

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