Ever since Samsung has announced its new Smartphone model, everyone is buzzing about this new giant Smartphone. There’s a lot of excitement among people especially for the S Pen, amazing camera, battery-life and ocean-size storage. This device is so good and powerful that you will feel the need to sell your old phone and upgrade to Samsung Galaxy Note 9 right away!!!

But what is in it that is making all these buzzes. What is that special thing that is attracting lots of people towards itself. Let’s find out about that in the article below. But before that here are the highlights of the device just for you:

  • Operating System
  • Huge Storage
  • High-end Gaming Experience
  • Bigger Screen & Stylish Display
  • Powerful S Pen
  • Amazing Camera
  • Samsung DeX
  • Huge Battery Life
  • WiFi and LTE
  • Amazing Speed
  • Hybrid SIM
  • Stereo Speakers
  • Samsung Knox
  • Biometric Authentication
  • Accessories

 Let’s go through all of this in detail:

Operating System

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 comes with the latest operating system Android 8.1 Oreo.

Huge Storage

1TB storage capacity. Yes, have read it right Samsung Galaxy Note 9 comes up with 128GB/512GB built in storage and can be expandable up to 512GB. It means we have an ocean full of Storage where we delete less and store more. We can help you with expandable memory cards to make more space on your phone, just in case you love taking high-quality photos and videos.

High-end Gaming Experience

Let’s imagine a situation where you are playing your favourite action game and are about to defeat your enemy but got to taste the failure yourself because of slow speed and laggardness. How will you feel? I know your answer – two words – FRUSTRATING and ANNOYING.

But hang on, with this new Samsung Galaxy Note 9 you don’t have to worry about the speed or anything else. It gives you the best gaming experience you haven’t went through yet. The 8GB RAM model delivers the high-end gaming performance. It also has fast network speed which means you can download and upload anything in a fraction of seconds. The cutting-edge performance helps cut down on lag, water-cooling system is engineered to prevent the phone from overheating and with that your game will run smooth and not sluggish. Of course, Note 9 battery is great but if you need more juice for gaming experience we can help you get a Power bank.

Bigger Screen & Stylish Display

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 comes with a big screen of 6.4-inches Quad HD+ Super AMOLED screen. The metal frame, bezel-less and full-frontal glass features gives the phone a very stylish look. The phone is available is three cool colours i.e., Metallic Copper, Midnight Black & Ocean Blue. In a crux, this phone will look amazing in your hand and will add a star to your personality. Also, you can make your phone cooler and more stylish with our smartphone case and tempered glass collection.

Powerful S Pen

The S Pen in the most interesting feature that sets this phone apart from other phones. All we can say is S Pen is the “Magic Wand” for the phones. It comes with Bluetooth enabled and also a perfect controller of the phone. With this S Pen you can have;

  • Camera control – Snap photos, take selfies (even if you are 10 meters away from the phone).
  • Presentation control – Change Slides
  • Multimedia control – You can play, pause or switch to next one, from up to 10 meters away.
  • Custom Settings – You can create your own custom settings with the S Pen.
  • Screen off memo – Without Unlocking the phone, you can turn your phone into a notepad where you can plan your to-do lists, make notes, keep track of your ideas and numbers.
  • Live Messages – The AR Emoji features brings life in your messages. Also, you can draw your own emoji with a handwritten note.
  • PENUP – The PENUP features allows you to create & post live drawings.

Amazing Camera

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 camera stands out from all the other phones because of its unique revolutionary features:

  • Dual Aperture – This means you can get amazing shots in every kind of light.
  • HDR feature – Works best even in the low light.
  • Dual lens camera – 8MP front and 12 MP rear camera
  • Auto Focus feature
  • Scene Optimiser – Automatically detects the subject in frame.
  • Flaw Detection – Automatically adjusts and detects blurs, backlighting, smudged lenses, etc.
  • Take Selfies – Snaps selfies like no other
  • Super slow mo – Captures videos like a Pro
  • AR Emoji – You can create and personalize your own avatar. You can play around with the backgrounds, expressions or the animated stickers.
  • Disney AR Emoji – You can chat as your favourite Disney & Pixar character like Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, The Incredibles and many more.

Samsung DeX

Who wants a PC when your phone can do all the thing that a PC does. Samsung Galaxy Note 9 can convert your phone into a PC. Just plug your phone to the DeX station to use apps, check notifications, check emails, access windows everywhere. This way you can turn any place into your workplace.

Huge Battery Life

Battery is also a star feature in this phone with 4000 mAh that lasts long. The battery is non-removable. It will definitely beat any other phone in the markets, especially when you are travelling. Have a look at the Note 9 battery performance.

WiFi and LTE

With the faster processor and CPU speed, downloading/uploading files can be done within a fraction of seconds.

Amazing Speed

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has the faster network speed which is designed for multitasking, gaming and streaming. It has 55% faster CPU and 23% faster GPU. Also, it’s cutting-edge processor and RAM makes it more advance than other devices.

Hybrid SIM

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 gives the option of keeping two numbers in a phone and there’s also a space for MicroSD card up to 2TB for more storage.

Stereo speakers

It has Dolby Atmos feature which gives a three-dimensional sound experience and a theatre-like experience.

Samsung Knox

The phone is protected by Samsung Knox. It is designed in such a way that it protects the phone from intrusion, malware, viruses and malicious threats.

Biometric Authentication

There are multiple ways to unlock your phone like Iris scan, Face recognition, Fingerprint Scan, Pattern, Pin and Password.


Along with all this, you can stylize your smartphone with the cool and smart accessories like phone covers & cases, wireless chargers, sport gears, screen protectors from Technology Traders.

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