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How Not To Get Ripped Off Buying Tech Online

Internet shopping is easy; at the click of a button you can have what you want shipped right to your door, often arriving the next day too. You also get decent consumer protection when buying online. What’s not to like?

Well, consumer protection for one. Sure, it’s great if you buy from a reputable business but what about when you buy from an auction or listings site like Gumtree, eBay or Facebook? That’s a different business altogether.

Every day there are stories about people getting ripped off buying from these sites. Buying a phone or other piece of modern technology from eBay, Facebook or Gumtree can be good value but there’s always a risk attached to it. Often the tech is locked to a network, doesn’t work in your country, is blocked, still registered to someone else’s iCloud, Google or Samsung account, not as described, jailbroken, disabled or faulty in some way…the list goes on.


What protection do you have if this happens to you? Sure, the seller might cop to sending you what amounts to an incredible expensive paperweight and refund you but it’s rare to hear of such amicable endings. More often than not the seller denies responsibility, gives you bad feedback or just blocks you. You’re practically defenceless when this happens.

So how do you protect yourself against unscrupulous sellers? You buy your tech from Technology Traders of course!

The benefits

First off, you’ll be dealing with someone face to face. Someone will help set up your new device, give you a user tutorial – not that handbook nonsense that takes you weeks to work out – a proper, intuitive explanation of how it works and even transfer your data so you’re ready to go. You can’t put a price on great service like that…although you’ll still get a great discount off the ‘new’ price with Technology Traders.

Something else you won’t get from an eBay seller is support or a warranty. You get both with Technology Traders. You’ll get support for your new device and a 6 months warranty on all items or up to 12 months on some new items, plus a team of experienced technicians on hand to repair your device on the spot if anything goes wrong.

What about older models?

Okay, so you’ve had your device for a while. It’s familiar and you’ve got it set up just the way you like it. You don’t want to upgrade just yet or perhaps you’ve got a family member who takes forever to get used to something new and they’ve just about got to grips with their current device. What do you do if it breaks down? You could buy a new one but what if it’s discontinued?

Technology Traders can help with that. We have heaps of older models available and we can easily set them up just the way you like them.

Excellent reputation

It’s important to have peace of mind when buying new technology and at Technology Traders we want you to buy with confidence. Don’t get ripped off by dodgy sellers on the internet; come see for yourself the benefits of buying technology from Technology Traders.


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