How to get your money's worth out of your devices?

How To Get Your Money’s worth Out Of Your Devices?

Keeping up with the latest technology can be expensive; before your contract is even out the next hottest thing has hit the market. Some savvy shoppers try to get around this by skipping a release and upgrading every 2 years but this is still an expensive hobby.

Contracts for new devices are often massively inflated and it would be much more cost effective to, say, buy a new phone outright and go on to a SIM only contract for a fraction of the monthly outlay. The problem with that is finding the $600-700+ to buy the device outright.

Built to break

New technology is only really built to last around 2 years because of the absolute bashing the average user gives them each day. Often the phone will break down, buttons will stop working, touch screens become less responsive, the phone gets sluggish or you get the grey screen of death! This is usually the signal to get a new phone but if this happens 6 months after the last release you’re going to be stuck behind the trends as a better, newer model will be out in another 6 months.

Make do and mend

The way to get around this is to keep your phone for around a year after the contract has ended but on a cheaper rate. This way you can save up the difference and put it towards buying the best device on the market outright and unlocked. It just requires a little make do and mend mentality and the knowledge of where to go to fix your device if it starts to break down.

Technology Traders

So where do you go to extend the life of your device and get your money’s worth? Technology Traders of course!
With over 5 years’ experience and three stores in convenient locations across Brisbane open 7 days a week Technology Traders is the only partner you’ll need to squeeze every drop of value out of your devices. Best of all you can just walk in – no booking is required!

The benefits

We stock most parts needed for the most common technological maladies but if your local store doesn’t have it on hand it’s likely one of our other stores will. We only use quality parts – usually original parts – and we always aim to be cheaper than the competition.

You’ll be dealt with face-to-face by experienced technicians and all of our repairs come with a 6 months warranty. Our average fix time is just 60 minutes with iPhone screen repairs and battery replacements often done in 15 minutes!

When disaster strikes!

The worst thing that can happen to an Android or Apple phone, iPad or table is a motherboard failure. With most repair stores this would be the last you see of your precious photos, videos and data if you aren’t backing up to the cloud but Technology Traders is perhaps the only stores with skilled motherboard specialists.

We can replace almost all components on the phone’s motherboard to get the phone working again and save the photos you were scared you lost forever. (We can help permanently delete any embarrassing photos you’d be secretly glad to be rid of though!)

Excellent reputation

We’ve build a solid reputation as technology repair experts across Brisbane over the past 5 years. If you want to extend the life of your devices or bring an old phone back from the dead head over to Technology Traders where you go to buy, sell, repair and trade phones, tablets, laptops and computers if you value reliability and convenience.


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