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Keeping up: how and when to buy a new smartphone

It can be daunting when you’re in the market for a new smartphone. There are new models being released constantly, and depending on your lifestyle or what you do for work, keeping up with and having access to their new features may be a necessity. However, having to update your handset regularly can be expensive, but there are smarter and cheaper ways to shop for new tech. Here are our tips on getting the timing just right, so you can buy without breaking the bank.

1) Shop with the seasons

Like most industries, technology has seasons. New releases and brand new tech from various phone manufacturers are released in clusters. As always, it’s handy to keep tabs on various manufacturer’s release schedules and what they mean for tech prices.
For example, Apple tends to release new iPhones predictably around mid-to-late September, whereas Samsung has a history of releasing new Galaxy models yearly at the start of April. So what does this mean for you?

Well whether you’re looking to buy an older iPhone or the newest model, the best time to buy is in September at release. While the newest models around release are expensive, they will most likely just increase in value until their successors are released the following year. What’s more is that prices for the previous iPhones will be at their lowest around the debut of the new models.

It’s a slightly different story for those in the market for Androids, as flagships from manufacturers like Samsung and Huawei slightly decrease in value from release each year instead of increasing like Apple’s handsets. However, the beginning of April is often said to be the best time to purchase older models for cheap.

2) Do you really need to buy?

Another thing to consider when you’re looking for a new phone is actually whether you really need one. Holding off for a little longer might end up better for you and your pockets.

A cracked screen or sub-par battery performance might not warrant a brand new model. Instead a screen or battery replacement by the expert technicians at Technology Traders could lengthen your smartphone’s life for a fraction of the cost of a new one.

However, the most important thing to determine is whether your current smartphone can keep up with operating system updates. If not, you leave yourself without cool new software features and with bugs that are fixed with the updates. These bugs and other flaws in older versions of your phone’s operating system may also compromise the security of your data.

3) As good as new

A smart way to stay on top of the latest smartphone technology while staying money savvy is to buy secondhand. Even though you can get great deals all year round with traded-in and refurbished smartphones here at Technology Traders, a great way to maximise value is to tie this in with our first point: timing is key. Shopping with the seasons and keeping an eye out around major tech releases ensures finding the best value secondhand handsets, as others trade in their recent models for the newest renditions.

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