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Repair or replace your broken tech: How to decide ?

Many of us rely on our phones, tablets and computers everyday. These delicate bits of tech have revolutionised the way we work and play, so much that sometimes it’s hard to go without them. And with brand new tech constantly refreshing the shelves, sometimes it’s also hard to keep up. So what do you do when one of your trusty can’t-live-without devices is broken or becomes too sluggish? Well then, you’re faced with a dilemma: repair your device or replace it. 

Here are some points to consider when you reach that fork in the road:

  •  How broken is it? A little or a lot? While some may see a crack in a phone screen and immediately jump on the latest iPhone, it’s best to resist the urge. Minor problems like a broken screen on your phone, tablet or laptop are almost always worth repairing. Same goes for other small issues like dodgy charging ports and battery issues, which can often be fixed quickly and painlessly for a lot cheaper than replacing your device altogether. However, fixing your device might not be the way to go. Although very little is beyond repair at Technology Traders, it might not be worth your money or time if it your device’s issue is complex, or if it requires multiple repairs.
  • Can you cop the downtime? If you decide to repair your device, it’s good to ask your Technology Traders technician how long your repair will take, especially if you don’t have backup devices. For example, if your laptop needs to be fixed, you could be without a computer for as long as the repair takes. And unless you take advantage of cloud storage, a phone repair might momentarily keep you out-of-reach. Replacing your tech, although it might be more costly, would eliminate the downtime caused by repairs. 
  • But when it comes to replacing tech, transitioning from your old device to a new one comes with its own downtime. The clumsy set-up phase when you’re still sorting out your settings and figuring out the bells and whistles can really hinder productivity. If the repair is quick or convenient, replacing your device might not be worth the hassle.

Feeling sentimental? What does your tech mean to you?

The personal value of a broken device should also come into consideration when deciding whether to repair or replace it. Even though some people might not give a flying hoot about their tech, there’s no shame in becoming attached to your devices. Considering useful they can be, you might not want to lose that feeling of familiarity and efficiency once you’ve settled. If your device holds sentimental value and you believe it’s still got more to give, you might be more inclined to repair it even if the problem is dire and that’s okay. 

How recent is your device? 

When it comes to what to consider when deciding to replace or repair a device, this is a big one. If your broken device is a recent model, a repair is most logical. Replacing a newer device would very likely be more expensive than a repair, especially if it’s a simple fix like a cracked screen. On the other hand, if your device is older, replacing is probably the better option. With older devices, the cost of the repair might be more than the device itself is objectively worth, making it smarter and more economical to replace. 
Levelling up! It’s also worth keeping in mind that if you end up deciding to replace your broken device, it could be the perfect opportunity to upgrade. This might be as easy as entering the market for a brand-new device, but it might be smarter for you and your wallet to consider buying second-hand. It turns out, purchasing a refurbished smartphone, tablet or computer is a good alternative to both a costly repair as well as buying a brand new device. At Technology Traders, there is a great range of expertly-repaired smartphones, tablets and computers for sale that won’t break the bank and work (and look) as good as new! 
In the end, whether you repair or replace your poor, broken tech is completely, 100% up to you. Repairing can be painless and easy, or it could simply take too long and cost too much- and the same goes for replacing a device. It’s best to think carefully and weigh your options before deciding, and if your fondness of a particular keyboard’s clicky-ness or the feel of a specific shaped phone in your hand tips the scales, then so be it. If after reading this you’re still up in the air about what to do, pop down to your nearest Technology Traders today and have a chat with one of our technicians about your options!

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