Let’s admit the fact, we all are in love with our gadgets and devices. And if something goes wrong with our computer or laptop it feels like someone has taken a part of our life from us.

It is obvious that your computer will stop working once in a while. In that situation, you will either rush to the nearest computer repair shop or will google for the best computer technician near you. In either case, you can get faster repair service or will suffer a lot worse than before. And when it comes to data security you just can’t trust anyone! Also, you don’t want to get ripped off by a thug computer technician whose only interest is to fetch money out of your pocket. Choosing a wrong technician for your computer can be frustrating and expensive and could end up costing you data loss, huge bills and worsen computer than before.

As a consumer, our mind usually come up the following questions:

  • Service quality
  • Quality of parts used
  • Price
  • Warranty
  • Data Safety & Backup
  • Lack of knowledge
  • Track your repair – Transparency
  • Reviews
  • Price Comparison
  • Question to ask

Let’s discuss all these points step-by-step.

Service Quality:

Let’s face it, geeks are not wired as normal human being. When they start to explain something about technology, all you receive is a – bouncer – everything goes above your head. In simple words, you won’t understand a single word. Sometimes, they even scold you for doing something wrong with the computer. This is the common problem we come across when dealing with a Computer Repair Service and trust me no one wants to go to that kind of angry technicians. At Technology Traders the scenario is exact opposite. You will find super friendly staff who is always there to help you with your problems and will explain you everything without using any technical jargons. Our friendly service is second to none.

Quality of parts used:

This is the most common problem people face while giving their computers to a computer repairer. It takes a lot of hard work and effort to earn money for yourself and family. So, when it comes to spending money onto something you want to get the good value of your hard-earned money. When you send your computer to a computer repairer, you want to know the original/genuine parts you chose (for example- RAM, SSD cards, HDD, motherboard, graphics cards, etc.) were used or not, instead of any cheap or inferior product. At Technology Traders we only use genuine parts to make ensure that the customer is satisfied with the repair.


Cheapest isn’t always the best option when you want a quality repair service for your computer. Sometimes cheapest option can cost you more in the future. Cost should not be the primary decision metric when looking for a good service but longevity. Cheapest quotes often come with more risk.


It is important to know whether or not you can expect any warranty on the services provided. It’s frustrating to visit again and again for the same problem. At Technology Traders you will get 6 months industry leading warranty on repair service. It is the one stop shop for all computer repairs when it comes to fixing PC and Mac’s.

Data Safety and Backup:

When we take our computer for repair, usually a question arises in our mind which is – Whether my personal data are safe at technician’s hand or not? Or will I lose all my files? What about privacy intrusion?

Lack of Knowledge:

Lack of knowledge about computers is also a major concern when it comes to choosing a good computer repair service. One cannot know everything about computers. A little guidance sometimes can save you a lot of money. Technology Traders educate its customers about the technology in a very simple way without using any technical jargons and knowledge show-off.

Track your Repair:

Technology Traders aims at keeping a transparency in its operation all the time. No one like the feeling when they don’t know what’s going on with their device or how long will it take to get the repair done. We don’t depend on any third-party for repair service. Every repair is done in-house by qualified technicians keep in mind the data security and using the genuine parts only if needed for the repair.


Reviews are the reflection of any businesses. Whenever you are searching for computer experts, always go to check out reviews on Google, Facebook, Yelp or any other platform. Take first-hand advice from existing customer. This gives a good idea about companies in your area. Doing your homework is always a good idea before putting your money into a service. Compare price of various companies and then choose your service provider.

Question to Ask:

Before you drop off your computer to the computer repair store, call them to ask important questions like quote, warranty, time, etc. If you don’t get the answers as per your expectations, it’s time to look for another repairer without wasting any time.

So, these are the common mistakes people make while choosing a computer repair. By avoiding these mistakes, you can avoid a lot of headaches and save money.

 At Technology Traders we are committed to safeguarding and ensuring that any personal information disclosed to us for the whole repair process will be kept confidential all the time. We want you to feel secure in the knowledge that we take all necessary steps to protect your confidentiality. If you have any doubt or queries, please feel free to visit our website https://technologytraders.com.au/ or call us at:  07 3245 1801.