Tempered Glass

Why it’s worth buying a tempered glass for your Smartphone?

Don’t look at a tempered glass as an extra cost. It’s an investment you need to make to ensure your precious smartphone display is protected from devastating drops and scratches. The Corning Gorilla Glass, which is the common display glass used for devices these days, may be a tough glass to break or scratched, but adding an additional protection to your screen won’t hurt either. If a tempered glass screen protector breaks, it’s far easier to replace, not to mention way cheaper to replace than your phone’s screen itself.

What exactly is a Tempered Glass screen protector

To appreciate a tempered glass is to understand what it’s made of. The strength of a tempered glass comes from the controlled chemical and thermal treatments it undergoes. These treatments involve rapid heating and cooling that’s why a tempered glass is up to 5 times stronger, and breaks differently, than normal glass. It’s multi-layered protection is usually composed of a bottom layer of absorbent silicon, PET film and an optically clear adhesive tempered glass and oleophobic coating.

Still not convinced? Here are more reasons why you should buy a tempered glass:

1. It’s more durable compared to a plastic screen protector.

A tempered glass screen protector is really your first defence against severe drops or falls. It can resist scratches from pointed sharp objects in your bag or pocket, and can absorb shock from falls, protecting your display and keeping it intact. Glass protectors are generally around 0.3-0.5 mm in thickness while plastic protectors are around 0.1 mm.

2. It has a better feel.

When you add a plastic protector, you can feel the difference when you use your phone; especially in terms of how smoothly your finger glides unlike a tempered glass protector which feels more like the original screen.

3. It easier to clean and resistant to smudges.

Due to its specialised coating, it is no doubt much easier to get rid of fingerprint grease or dirt in a tempered glass protector. No need to buy cleaning solutions. All you need is a clean cloth.

4. No problem with outdoor visibility.

While other screen protectors noticeably affects outdoor visibility of your device, a tempered glass won’t enhance glare of any sort if installed properly.

5. It doesn’t affect sharpness of clarity of your screen display.

Good quality tempered glass won’t affect colours, image quality and sharpness of your phone display at all! Unlike plastic screen protectors which can obscure light transmitting from your display thus affecting colour gamut on your device and can be irritable to the eye. So if you spend a lot of time browsing images and watching videos on your phone, a tempered glass is the one you should choose.


Although a tempered glass screen protector may cost a little more than other screen protectors, the benefits you get from it far outweighs its price. Once you use a good quality tempered glass, it will be hard to get back to conventional plastic screen protectors.

Because not all tempered glass are created equal, make sure to buy only the good quality from a trusted brand. At Technology Traders, you can rest assured that we only sell high quality tempered glass screen protectors for your smartphones and tablets.

Visit any of our nearest store or call us directly on 07 3245 1801 to enquire about tempered glass screen protectors for your device or any specific accessory.

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