September 5, 2017
Smartphone cables

CABLE CONUNDRUM: Basic vs. Flat vs. Braided

We all adore the seamless elegance of the charging cable you get straight out of the box. But odds are your smartphone or tablet will long outlive the charging cable it came with, and repurchasing the official brand-name cable may not be the best value. So should you ditch your […]
August 29, 2017
Phone battery

5 BATTERY MYTHS: BUSTED | Technology Traders

Let’s face it: everyone who has ever owned a smartphone has had it die on them right in the middle of something important. Either that, or it dies pretty much every day around lunchtime when you could’ve sworn it had at least 30% left. Yeah, an unreliable or too-short battery […]
July 26, 2017
latest technology

How To Get Your Money’s worth Out Of Your Devices?

Keeping up with the latest technology can be expensive; before your contract is even out the next hottest thing has hit the market. Some savvy shoppers try to get around this by skipping a release and upgrading every 2 years but this is still an expensive hobby. Contracts for new […]
July 5, 2017
Internet shopping

How Not To Get Ripped Off Buying Tech Online

Internet shopping is easy; at the click of a button you can have what you want shipped right to your door, often arriving the next day too. You also get decent consumer protection when buying online. What’s not to like? Well, consumer protection for one. Sure, it’s great if you […]
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