I dropped my phone and now the screen is shattered. Is this repairable?

A broken screen on a phone is our most common repair. Depending on the make and model determines the process and what parts must be replaced. In some phones the touch screen on top and the LCD are bonded together while on others they are individual parts.

My screen is all dark and there is no back-light, what causes this and can this be repaired?

When a screen appears dark and has no back-light it often means that the LCD has either broken in some manner or the connection inside the phone to the screen has come loose. For some phones the LCD can be replaced individually while in others, the LCD screen and touch are bonded together into a singular part and both need to be replaced.

My phone doesn’t charge anymore, why is it doing this and can this be repaired?

This type of issue generally indicates that the charging however it can sometimes be the actual cord you are using to charge the phone. The first thing you should do is to test another cord as this is a quick and easy solution to your problem.

If you test a different charging cord and it still doesn’t work then it indicates that there is a fault with the charging circuit on the phone. For this you will need a new charging socket on the phone.

Do you offer warranty?

Yes, we offer warranty of 6 months on labour and parts used to repair the device. If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. The warranty does not include issues like water damage or physical damage.

How long does a repair take?

It depends on the extent of the problem, but for all other issues like screen replacement, battery, camera, charging port, etc., takes around 60 minutes if the parts are available in the store.

Do I need to take an appointment?

No, you don’t need to take an appointment. Simply call or visit any of our stores to get your device repaired. You can check the trading hours in our website: https://technologytraders.com.au/contact/

What kind of devices do you guys repair?

We repair brands like iPhones, iPads, Samsung Galaxy Phones, Samsung Galaxy Tablets, HTC Repair, Sony Repair, LG phone Repair, Huawei Repair, Laptop Repair, Computer Repair. Each of our store is capable of all sorts of repair.

What service fees and quotes do you guys charge?

Quotes are quoted upfront. However, Technology Traders reserves the right to amend or change the quote during the repair price. A nominal service and inspection fee of $20 for mobiles, $30 for tablets and $50 for computers or laptops will be charged.

Where are you located?

We currently have three stores in Brisbane i.e., Booval, Capalaba and Toowong. You can find our stores at: https://technologytraders.com.au/contact/

Will I lose my phone or laptop data during repair?

While Technology Traders will take reasonable precautions during the repair process, we are not responsible or liable for may loss of data, photos, videos, device settings or any other specific user aspects from the Customer’s device. We recommend that the Customer backup the Customer’s device.

Do I need to worry about the Privacy Intrusion when I give my device to you for repair?

Technology Traders will ensure that any personal information disclosed to us for the whole repair process will be kept confidential. We will not distribute the Customer’s personal information to third parties unless it is in accordance with the repair requirements.

During the repair process we may require access to the Customer’s personal information/application to complete the repair.

By submitting the Customer’s device for repair, the Customer acknowledges and consents to the Customer’s email address being included in the Technology Traders mailing list. Technology Traders sends out commercial electronic messages to its mailing list for promotional purposes or to update the Customer on any changes in its services and policies. The Customer is able to unsubscribe to the Technology Traders mailing list at any time.

Technology Traders may divulge the Customer’s personal information if criminal activity is involved or if requested by law enforcement.

Every time I update my phone with newer version software it slows down?

It usually happens with older device because the phone’s hardware is not compatible to the new features of the operating system.

What should I do if I drop my phone in water?

Dry your phone carefully without pressing any button after removing your phone from water. Bring your phone immediately to one of our Technology Traders stores to get it repaired.

Can Technology Traders back up my phone data?

Yes, we can. If you want us to backup data stored on your device, we can do that too. Our technicians provide data backup, data recovery and data transfer to ensure you don’t lose any of it.

My phone doesn’t charge, is it because of charging port or battery?

We need to diagnose the phone first to tell what exactly is the problem. Sometime when the charging port is dirty the phone doesn’t charge. If the charging port is loose or dirty, you will most likely need a charging port replacement.

What other service do you provide?

We also do computer repairs, sell accessories for phones, tablets, computers and also car accessories. We also build custom gaming PCs.

Does Technology Traders recycle technology?

We do recycle old technology (cell phones, cell phone batteries tablets and computers).

What is the difference between Glass Only and Glass + LCD Repairs?

If your glass screen is broken but you are still able to operate the phone normally, it is likely that your LCD is still fine and that you will only need a “glass only” repair. If your LCD does not turn on or has a rainbow effect when you are touching the screen, it will likely require a “glass and LCD” repair.

I tried repairing my phone myself, can I still bring it in for repair and diagnostic?

Yes, please visit any one of our stores to get you phone repaired.

Do you buy broken or damaged device?

Yes, we buy broken devices like phones, tablets, laptops or computers.

Do I have to give my pass-code with my phone?

Yes, it is recommended. We need the pass-code in order to test your phone after the repair. If you do not wish to provide your pass-code, certain phone functions won’t be tested such us camera, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth, and therefore can’t be verified by us to work.

Do you repair iPad and other tablets?

Yes, we do repair iPad and other tablets.

Do you repair iMac, Windows Computer and laptop computers?

Yes, we do.

I dropped my phone in salt water, can you fix it?

Sorry we can’t.

Do you use original parts in your repairs?

Parts for devices presented for repair may be replaced with new or refurbished parts of the same type rather than being repaired.

Can I drop my device off and come back to get it another day?

Of course.

What kind of accessories do you sell at your store?

Phones cases and covers, screen protectors, headphones, headsets, iPod speakers, computer/laptop speakers, AUX cables, Charging cables, USB cables, HDMI cables, laptop bags, laptop chargers, mobile phone chargers, tablets chargers, HDD & SSD, RAM, motherboards, PSUs, monitors, keyboards, mouse, etc.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept cash, credit cards, ZipPay, ZipMoney and bank transfers.

What do I need to bring in when dropping off my computer?

You just need to bring your tower and any CD you can find that belongs to it. For Laptop you need to bring you charger and any CD you can find.

Do you service Macs?

Yes, we repair Mac desktop and laptops for both software and hardware issues.

I accidentally deleted some important files from my computer, can you get them back?

Yes, in most of the cases we can restore lost data but we can’t guarantee that.

How long will it take to get my computer back?

It depends on the severity of the problem but most of the repairs are done within 2-3 business days. All repairs are done in-house to ensure the transparency and safety of your device.

Do you repair laptop screens?

Yes, we repair all brands of laptop screens.

Do you build computers?

Yes, we can build computers as per your taste and need. We can also build customised gaming PCs.

Do you sell second hand computers?

Yes, we are registered second-hand dealer of phones, tablets and computers.

Can I swap my old computer with another computer/laptop?

Yes, you can swap your old device (phone, tablets, laptops or computer) with another device. We have a variety of device in all three of our stores.

What kind of software services do you offer?

We offer following software services:

  • Operating System Recovery or re-installation
  • Virus/ Malware Removal
  • Windows Password Removal
  • Operating System Repair
  • Data Backup
  • Genuine Microsoft Windows 8.1 installation with Product Key
  • Genuine Microsoft Windows 10 installation with Product Key
  • Genuine Microsoft 2013 Home & Student installation with Product Key
  • Genuine Microsoft 2016 Home & Student installation with Product Key

What kind of hardware services do you offer?

We offer following hardware services:

  • RAM Upgrade
  • Laptop Keyboard Replacement
  • Laptop Battery Replacement
  • Laptop Screen Replacement
  • Hard Drive Replacement
  • Laptop Charger Port Replacement
  • Graphics Chip Re-flow
  • USB Port Replacement
  • Overheating Repair

Do you offer any warranty for repair service?

We offer 6 months industry leading warranty on every repair service.

Where can I find more about Technology Traders? Any testimonials or websites to submit reviews?

Yes, you can read and submit reviews or feedback on Google, Facebook, Yelp, Gumtree, WOMO. We would like to hear from you and would improve ourselves for betterment.

How much will it cost me to repair my computer from Technology Traders?

You can find the computer repair cost in the following link: https://technologytraders.com.au/repair/your-pc-or-mac/