Technology Traders was founded by Peter Haydon in 2012 with one goal in mind - quality electronic repairs and sales at affordable prices.
  • 2012Booval Fair Store

    Opening our first branch in Booval during the last months of 2012 was a period of unrivalled success for the fledgling Technology Traders. Quickly eclipsing the space provided by our initial shopfront - it was moved to much larger premises within the Booval Fair Shopping Centre.
  • March, 2014Capalaba Park Store

    Once the business model had been proven time and time again with the successes of the Booval branch, an eye was quickly cast toward the expansion of Technology Traders. Finding the right location within Capalaba Park Shopping Centre, development was rapidly initiated with the opening of the new branch in March 2014.
  • Dec, 2014Acquisition of Toowong Based Competitor

    As Technology Traders continued to grow, an offer was made to a local competitor to take over their business and merge it with that of our own. Happily this transition was a quick and smooth process for all involved while strengthening our reach within the local community.
  • January, 2016Toowong Village Store

    Extensive negotiations in the final quarter 2015 eventually led to our third store opening in the Toowong Village Shopping Centre.
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