Uses for Spherical Bearings

Spherical bearings are used for many applications and you can find them in many industries as well. This type of bearing is able to accommodate angular misalignment between two parts. There are many types of bearings available on the market and the type you choose depends on the specifics of your requirement.

You will see spherical bearings

In the automotive industry in ball joints, suspension systems and steering linkages. These are able to handle the high loads of the vehicle along with high vibrations while still providing a smooth ride. The aerospace industry also uses spherical bearings due to its capability of handling angular misalignment. In addition, these bearings which are also known as spherical plain bearings can last for a long time and are lightweight.

These are used in engine mounts, landing gear etc. Because of the ability of spherical bearings to bear high loads, they are used a lot in the heavy equipment industry. You will see them in equipment such as excavators and cranes. These equipment usually operate on uneven terrain but this will not hinder the bearings to provide smooth movement.

There are many industrial applications for spherical bearings with the most commonly used in robotics, conveyor systems and packing equipment. These will work even in harsh environments and you will be able to rely on their performance easily. The steering systems in marine industry also use spherical bearings due to reliable performance. And these bearings are able to function in saltwater environments without any issues.

Suspension systems in railroad industry use spherical bearings as well in addition to applications such as draft gears and couplers. The rail system is exposed to a lot of weather conditions but you will be able to rely on the performance of spherical bearings. This is a very versatile type of bearing and you will see this in so many different situations.

Some other industries you will see spherical bearings are oil, gas, construction and mining. When it comes to the mining industry, these bearings can be found in drill rigs, conveyors and rock crushers and they are able to perform well despite the harsh conditions. Because spherical bearings are able to handle corrosive fluids and high temperatures, they are very useful in the oil and gas industry in applications such as compressors and valves. Many heavy-duty equipments in the construction industry uses spherical bearings.

You will also find different types of spherical bearings

Such as angular contact bearings, radial spherical bearings and thrust spherical bearings. Both axial and radial loads can be handled by angular contact spherical bearings but radial spherical bearings are only able to handle radial loads. Axial loads in pumps, gearboxes and the like will be handled easily by thrust spherical bearings.

Spherical bearings are easy to install and maintain. You can find many types of self-lubricating spherical bearings which will bring the cost down when it comes to maintenance. And these have a high level of reliability as well allowing you to achieve optimum performance in your application.

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