Guide to Buying an Accent Chair

Accent chairs are strategically placed in a room to provide additional seating but more importantly to provide an interesting focal point to the space. It is used as an interesting accent piece and is often quite different in design, style and colour to the rest of the regular seating in the space.

Accent chairs are increasingly popular, and you will find a variety to choose from in furniture stores gold coast. They are perfect for any room in the house and can elevate the design appeal of a space instantly with their unique shape and material.

There may be several reasons for wanting an accent chair. Maybe you want extra seating in a small area that can’t hold a sofa or maybe you want to add some design oomph to a space with an interesting shape and print. Whatever the reason they can be a wonderful addition to your room. When purchasing one, there are a few considerations. Besides the purpose of the accent chair, think about the design aesthetic of the room you will be placing the chair. You will need to work out the shape, size, colour and material of the chair. Once you have a clear understanding of what you are looking for, shopping for one becomes an easier task. Not having an idea might mean you will be swayed into purchasing a chair based on design appeal that may not fit the room you plan to have it in.

You will also want to decide where you want to have the accent chair. They can be placed anywhere in the home for functional or design purposes or both. Try keeping one in the bedroom or living room or even your dining room. Placement can be next to a coffee table or stool. In front of a sofa, beside a window or at the foot of a bed. The possibilities are endless. You can even opt to have two accent chairs side by side if you have a large enough space.

If you choose to go with two chairs, know that they do not have to be the same as each other. Neither do they have to be the same colour as the colours in the room, however, they do need to match and be in sync with the colour pallet in the room. Accent chairs are not meant to be similar to your sofa or other chairs in the room but rather stand out as a piece of interest. That is not to say you cannot have an accent chair that matches your sofa, if you do, make it stand out with a different print an interesting cushion or even a throw.

You can even use your accent chair as a desk chair. Your home office would look great with an accent chair that can also double up as your desk chair. Be mindful of the height of the seat to the desktop and the size of the chair in relation to the size of the desk. 

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