How to Improve the Aesthetics of Your Home with a Second Storey Expansion

A second storey expansion is a good idea if you want to improve the functionality of your home so that it better supports your lifestyle. And it is also important that the lower and upper storey are connected in a seamless way. The visual aesthetics of the project has to be considered from the beginning so that you can achieve a harmonious end result.

The level of functionality and aesthetics

Of the new and old structures will depend on the experience and expertise of the builder and the design team involved. You can visit the official website of efficiency building extensions to get an idea of what their process is like and how you as the client will be able to collaborate and ensure your vision for the home is achieved. The design team and the builder will help you envision how the new storey will integrate with the existing structure. They will check how to connect the two levels and create a floor plan that is functional. You should have a good idea of why you need more space so that they can achieve your requirements. Something that will help achieve the harmony of the old and new will be maintaining a consistent architectural style. You have to consider the existing design elements used in the house whether it is interior and exterior finishes, materials and rooflines and how these can complement the new addition.

There is also

Another option you can consider which is having a significant contrast between the two structures. If you want to emphasise the difference between the structures, what you can do is use completely different materials, finishes and design. For example, if you have a traditional design for the ground floor and you are looking for a new floor where you can entertain, have a gym or office, you can go with metal and glass to emphasise sleekness and modern design. Whichever vision you want to achieve, you need to have the right team from the beginning for perfect execution. You should also select the exterior finishes for the second storey carefully. You need to think about the colour scheme of your old structure and how this can be complemented by the new structure. Look for patterns and textures that can complement the original exterior.

You can also incorporate outdoor spaces in the second storey expansion for improved aesthetics.

But you have to consider the size and placement of balconies so that they don’t overwhelm the overall design. You can further improve these outdoor spaces by incorporating greenery, lighting and outdoor furniture. Think about how you can take in natural light to the space using skylights and windows in the right place. When choosing window frames and trims, you have to think about what complements the original house and overall design. Also, you can think about how the outdoors can be integrated into the new design. You can plant new trees and create landscape elements that improve the curb appeal.

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