What Do You Need for a Partner Visa to Australia?

If you are applying for a partner visa, among the most significant things to consider is whether or not your marriage fulfils the requirements to be considered a spouse connection in line with immigration regulations. Simply providing the Department with a copy of your marriage certificate is not considered to be adequate proof for meeting this requirement.

According to Australian law, your marriage has to be legally recognised as valid. In most cases, individuals must be at least 18 years old; however, this age limit might be decreased to 16 years old if specific conditions are satisfied. If you want to move family to Australia then you should know that marriages between people of the same gender are validly celebrated in Australia, and as a result, those couples are also qualified to receive a partner visa just on grounds of their marriage.

The interpretation of a spousal relationship requires you to prove that both you and your Australian partner have a consensual dedication to a shared life as a committed couple, that your relationship is truthful and ongoing, and that you aren’t living separately on a long-term basis.

The Department will look at the social and financial components of your relationship, as well as the composition of your household and the degree to which you are committed to one another, in order to determine whether or not you fulfil this description. In a more literal sense, this involves proving things like the following:

– sharing home and domestic responsibilities, providing care and supporting children (where relevant), monthly bills and other mailed correspondence, jointly owning estate and/or other significant assets, the mutual obligation for a lease or mortgage and/or a mutual bank account; the partnership is recognised by third parties, having mutual friends, receiving combined invitations, having attended social events and vacationing together.

The above list is not meant to be comprehensive; rather, it is meant to serve as some sample of the many sorts of things to think about when collecting evidence. Because of this, the papers that you need to supply will differ from one couple to the next and will be determined by the specifics of yourpersonal situation within the context of the relationship. It is essential that, as a component of the application, you must provide solid supporting documentation to indicate that you fulfil the requirements outlined in the preceding description of a relationship between a husband and wife. If you are not able to show the presence of one or more of these variables, you must provide explanations and, if possible, supporting documentation to explain why they are not present in your relationship.

Additionally, you and your partner should both create thorough written declarations (that are verified and dated) that contain the information listed below:How your relationship began; How and when you initially met; a summary of your joint home life, including how you assist one another emotionally, physically, and financially;a summary of any times during which you were apart (include information about the circumstances of your separation, including how you kept your relationship strong); events that mattered a lot to you two as a couple and your future ambitions.

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