Benefits of Adding Pigment to Concrete

Concrete is widely used for construction and it is well known for its strength and durability. While the standard concrete you have come across is in shades of grey and white, you can actually add pigment to the mixture to achieve so many different hues.

The main reason to add pigment to concrete is to increase its visual appeal. You can actually bring a dull parking lot to life by having different patterns and colours on the floor. You can use pigmented concrete in so many different applications. It is so versatile and it can bring a touch of colour and drama to any type of project. You can use pigmented concrete in walkways and driveways. You can also use it for decorative concrete projects. If you have a large driveway that is looking a bit too dull, you can use some pigmented concrete in your next renovation to give it some flair. And it can create unique designs and places. The durability of concrete can be increased with the addition of the pigment particles. That is because these pigment particles absorb ultraviolet light and this is important in preventing fading and discolouration of concrete. You can safely use this in outdoor applications without worrying that the colour will fade away after being exposed to the elements.

The high versatility of pigmented concrete allows it to be used in so many different ways. And you can actually add the pigment to the concrete at any stage of the concrete process which can make it very easy and flexible for the contractors to work with it. You can add the pigment when the concrete is being mixed or you can apply it onto the surface of the concrete after you pour it. And you can use it for so many different projects whether it is industrial, commercial or residential. There is a high level of customisation with pigmented concrete as you can have it match any colour scheme. You can even have it match an existing colour scheme. This gives you a lot of options when it comes to design. You can use pigmented concrete for hardscape features to create a bit of drama and interest.

When compared to other building materials such as brick and stone, using pigmented concrete is actually more cost-effective. And you will be able to achieve a similar concept where you increase contrast or visual appeal of an area. And there is also less maintenance compared to other building materials. If you are carrying out a renovation, you can bring down the cost but still achieve what you set out to do with pigmented concrete.  They also have a higher level of stain resistance when comparing traditional concrete and it will help reduce discolouration. Compared to traditional concrete, pigmented concrete is more sustainable as eco-friendly pigments and additives are used by many manufacturers. And this will help reduce the environmental impact of the project. And because of its long lasting properties, you will not need to have frequent repairs and replacements which will help conserve resources.

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