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What to Know About White Tooth Fillings?

White tooth fillings are popular when it comes to dental restorations and they are preferred over silver amalgam fillings as these will not be noticeable as much. These are also called composite fillings and can match the natural colour of your teeth.

The main reason

That people get white fillings is that it gives them a natural look and has a more aesthetic appeal. When you have silver amalgam fillings, they can be seen at certain times such as when you are laughing. But this is not an issue with white fillings as they easily blend with the tooth. And you will have a discreet filling that still has the same function. As the dentist Kew will bond the white filling directly to the structure of the tooth, any damaged part of the tooth has to be removed before the procedure starts.

And this is what helps preserve the healthy tooth structure. Comparatively, in a silver amalgam filling, there is extensive tooth preparation which may not consider the tooth structure as much. The bonding process of the white tooth filling itself will strengthen the tooth and give it additional support which can prevent it from fracturing later on.

There is a lot of versatility

With white tooth fillings and this can be used when you have tooth decay. And if you have broken or chipped teeth, a white tooth filling is a great way to restore it. Minor cosmetic imperfections can be corrected with a white tooth filling easily. Your dentist will inform you about what the process entails and what you can expect. Some patients might feel a bit of sensitivity temporarily once you get a white tooth filling but this should go away after a few weeks. The sensitivity occurs because a small part of the tooth structure was removed in the process. However you will need to go back to the dentist if this sensitivity persists for a long time so that they can check if there are any underlying issues.

White tooth fillings are very durable

And they can withstand the forces of natural chewing and biting. While these were not as strong as the amalgam fillings early on, today you can find innovative white tooth fillings with similar durability. However, this is something you need to discuss with your dentist. If you need to carry out a large restoration, your dentist can recommend what the best filling type is. The location and size of the cavity will be examined in order to select the most suitable filling for your concern.

You may see some staining or discolouration in the tooth filling after some time as a result of certain food and drinks. Some of the foods that will contribute to the staining will be red wine, coffee and tea. Also certain habits like smoking can also lead to discolouration. But you can visit the dentist if you see any staining so that it can be polished. You will need to check the coverage options for the white fillings before you go in for the procedure.

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