How to Maintain a Tonneau Cover?

Many truck owners tend to have a tonneau cover installed over the truck bed to protect the items inside from the elements. This is also a good deterrent for would-be thieves. But before you purchase a tonneau cover, you should have a good idea of the maintenance required to extend its life.

Whether you frequently travel in your truck or not

The tonneau cover will protect the truck bed from the elements. And with time, mud, debris, dust etc. will collect on the cover. There will also be some wear and tear that will come from opening and closing the cover routinely. And with time, there will be signs of wear and damage on the cover which you will see as the original look of the tonneau cover slowly changing. Sunlight can also do a lot of damage to the cover causing the colour to fade. But like you maintain the rest of the truck, you need to maintain the cover as well which includes cleaning and caring for it. There are cleaning products that are recommended to be used with a custom tonneau cover. There will also be instructions provided by the manufacturers of the tonneau cover so make sure you check the maintenance recommendations first.       

You can also clean the cover with some water and mild soap

A soft brush can be used to get rid of stubborn stains or marks. If there is a lot of grime built up, you will need to brush that area to get rid of everything. While you may not always be able to park the truck in a sheltered area, make sure that there is an enclosed parking area at home so that the cover is not exposed to harsh sun all the time. It is recommended that you avoid direct sunlight when possible. You can also choose cloudy days to wash the cover. You can rinse the cover once you have brushed and used soap on it to get rid of all the dirt and grime. While you can let the cover air dry, you can also use a soft cloth or a microfiber towel in the last stage to wipe the cover dry. This will pick up a little bit more dirt and make sure that there are no streaks on the final finish.

If there is no time to contribute to washing the cover, you can visit the car wash

This is not generally recommended but if you do, you will need to rinse the cover properly to make sure any soap is removed from it. But make sure that you avoid using any harsh or heavy-duty cleaning products. For example, if you have a vinyl tonneau cover, it is best not to use cleaning products that have petroleum or silicone. These additives can cause cracks on the surface of the vinyl and damage it. You should also take the appropriate caution when using the cover. For example, it is never recommended to store items on top of a tonneau cover as it can damage it.

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